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Organ Tapes & Yayoyanoh

Through crews like Bala Club and Tobago Tracks, Tim Zha has close connections to the experimental club scene, but he makes bedroom hip-hop with sing-songy mumbles that should be familiar to anyone who had a downtrodden teenage phase. If there's anything that Zha shares with emo rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Peep, it's the ability to make music that feels both DIY and polished. His autotuned mushmouth means that only half of his lyrics are intelligible, but his melodies drip with feeling. You don't have to understand everything on "Di Qiu," which features the sound of something like a Mellotron, nor do you need to decipher the lyrics on the tropical "Li Bu Kai." Yayoyanoh is a familiar name in London’s underground electronic music scenes, yet an elusive presence. The rapper and vocalist has appeared as a featured artist on tracks with Strict Face, Orlando, and Woesum, but he hadn’t made his mark as a solo artist – until now. Yayo recently released his debut EP, EP001, with Bala Club, the UK-based record label and collective whose members include future-facing DJ/producers like Kamixlo and Endgame.