Orchestra Elastique

Orchestra Elastique are an international London-based collective dedicated to testing the possibilities of improvised music and live scoring with a touch of psychedelia, avant classical, drone, ambient, electro-acoustic, minimalistic, krautrock amongst other yet unknown genres.

The ongoing motif of the collective is to face music as a playground, as a sensorial and enduring physical engaged performance to explore mental spaces of communion through sound. In this live exploration we take from a broad palette of instruments, styles and traditions of music and sound making.

Each concert is an occasion to embark on a fresh exploration of music; a one-off experience shared between performers and audience members. The music that we create evolves in unexpected formations by multiplying and testing the possibilities that reside in live acts and making visceral sonic landscapes that in old times would have been forbidden and punished by the inquisition.

Hailing from countries such as France, Portugal, Holland, England and Mexico, Orchestra Elastique fill this playground with instruments such as harp, accordion, trumpet, harmonium, piano, theremin, drums, percussion, electronics, vocals, cello, double bass, synths, walkie talkies, and many more.