A project by Luciano Maggiore and Louie Rice performing score bases works - both acoustic (without a PA system) and amplified (with a PA system).

This project was originally conceived to perform works by other artists as part of an event series at Cafe OTO in London. The series acted as a research period informing the action-based pieces that we are now currently writing ourselves, these explore physical actions and vocalisations in response to automated lighting or diffused sound. These performances are site or situation-specific, most recently we have performed pieces for strobe lights and a sequence of actions at LUFF festival in Lausanne, and at Yarmonics Festival in Great Yarmouth.

We have previously explored historical Fluxus works at Live Arts Week in Bologna and Standards in Milan, this period led us to develop a series of performances that borderline on dance using very simple repetitive physical actions, these sensibilities continue to inform our work.

Having both developed separate solo and collaborative electro-acoustic practices, we continue to explore a shared interest in auditory phasing and an expansion of the spatialisation of sound beyond the stereo field, but aim to reach beyond the confines of electroacoustic music to develop a type of performance referencing conceptual and performance art, folk singing, dance choreography, minimalist composition amongst other things.