“There are infinite worlds in the multiverse, many of them strange. Though few are as strange as the one this Bristolian inhabits. For starters, what to call him? At various points in time and space, and depending on how the waning light falls across his furry face, he's variously known as Matt Loveridge, Matt Williams, MXLX, Fairhorns, Team Brick, Knife Liibrary, among others, some of which are facets of a cryptic mythological organisation he calls THE CROATOA INSTITUTE. His identity is as fluid as his music, his protean muse warping through pulsing electronica and harrowing, ritualistic improvisation, downbeat acoustic reflection, full-on brain-fisting noise, onrushing motorik and bone-splintering doom. He's the living, breathing, howling avatar of a healthy DIY underground, one that values space for ideas and experimentation over genre delineations and cults of personality. ??His latest album - although, given his prolific level of activity, that statement may have been invalidated by the time you reach the end of this parenthetical interjection - Fuckup Rush is a thing of wonder, an ecstatic heap of filthy, noise-speckled electropop bin-rattling, poignant drift and tormented mantras. Loveridge describes it, in his own inimitable linguistic knotweed, thus: "NEW DIRT // NEON DIGITAL PUNK // LEAVE THE MISTAKES IN, CAPTAIN [...] Bitter wallowin' and alco-vibes thrummin forever, strippin' back what once was the cool-guy who don't emotion on anything with Motorik and John Carpenter vibes, gone gone gone is that, a more pure radge pulse comes on THIS NOW! More like Atari TWEENAGE Riot now yeh - less disinterested hipster, now I wanna ENGAGE." While there's something both warmly intimate and ultimo-caffeine manic about Loveridge's stuff, it's not a bunch of ham-fisted poundings, compensating for technical shortcomings with passion and pugilism. Behind the sometimes dishevelled and chaotic aesthetic lies some serious, well-honed skill - as a composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist and, particularly, as a vocalist. His is a cavernous howl that can shake the skulls of distant whales, should he wish it.” – Matt Evans, The Quietus

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