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Marcela Lucatelli

Marcela Lucatelli can already be hailed as one of the most innovative vocalists and composers of her generation. Born in Brazil and based in Denmark, Marcela has earned international recognition for her extremely original, sensuous and politically charged performance works. Her pieces are currently performed by vocal and instrumental elite groups such as the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, together with some of the most edgy ensembles and music collectives in the world, such as Apartment House (UK), Bastard Assignments (UK) and Mocrep (US). Her works have been premiered at Donaueschinger Musiktage, Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Nordic Music Days, KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival, SPOR Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, AllEars Festival for Improvised Music, FILE - Electronic Language International Festival, WOMEX, among other festivals and events worldwide. Her critically acclaimed first album PHEW! - The Last Guide for a Western Obituary shows her notorious vocal skills and conceptual irony synthesized in groundbreaking contrasts and unclassifiable grooves. The artist has been awarded the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Foundation Talent Prize in composition 2019.

''Released during 2017, her album PHEW! - The Last Guide for a Western Obituary revealed her vocal splendours in all their glory. Lessons about extended vocal techniques from the likes of Phil Minton, Maggie Nicols and Jaap Blonk duly learnt, Lucatelli sounds like none of them as she shrieks and roars and squeaks and squeals in tongues over Marcio Gibson’s drums and Marcos Campello’s guitar. But listening to one of her fully notated scores, such as The Golden Days, written for DR VokalEnsemblet in 2018 you realise how deftly and skilfully she can coerce conventional notation into exhibiting equivalent freedoms.'' - Philip Clark for The Wire