Makino Takashi

Born in 1978, Takashi is at the forefront of a new generation of Japanese experimental film-makers. He began by working with Super-8 as a student at Nihon University and apprenticed under the Quay Brothers in London 2001. Takashi treats image and sound as elements of equal importance - working live with both 16mm and digital he merges immersive, layered abstract imagery with live sound collage. He has won awards at film festivals throughout the world. “Words feel woefully inadequate to describe Makino's practice, where the abstract is drawn out of the real through the layering of images, flickers of light and the perpetual movement of dots and grains. Screen space is redefined with a flattened image surface that engulfs our peripheral vision and feels deeper the closer we focus our eyes. Makino's own sound collages, not only accompany his visual cacophony but interweave to concoct a breathtaking audiovisual experience of transcendent measures.” – ICA

“My approach to sound similarly rejects synchronisation in favour of inserting audio and music seemingly unrelated to the images. My collaborations with musicians from overseas have been, in one sense, a way to stage such unforeseeable encounters.” – Makino Takashi