Luke Turner

Luke Turner is a writer and editor based in London. In 2008 he co-founded The Quietus, an online magazine devoted to music, arts and popular culture within the context of contemporary society. Turner is currently curating a series of live events as part of Hull City Of Culture 2017's commemoration of the radical art collective COUM and as a journalist, he has contributed to The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Vice, the BBC, NME, Q, Mojo, Monocle, Nowness and the SomeSuch journal, among other publications in the UK and beyond. Aside from his cultural writing, Turner writes regularly on landscape, place, memory and self for the Caught By The River online magazine, including a regular column on Epping Forest. This writing is also forming the basis for a forthcoming book on urban forests, family, ritual, death and sexuality against the context of Western decline and environmental destruction.

Since the earliest, nomadic days of humanity the process of walking has had a ritualistic aspect. In our modern times the idea of 'going into nature' has become sanctified as the ultimate means for the stressed, digitally-saturated soul to become cleansed - nirvana through a stout pair of shoes and a hunk of cheese in the knapsack. Here though, Luke Turner asks what happens when the ritual of walking is subverted by the id, leading the body into the dark and naughty landscapes of England.

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