Kin Leonn

Affectionately known by peers as the “ambient boy from Singapore”, Kin Leonn is a composer and producer currently based in London. Heralding a new era of accomplished young musicians in Singapore, Kin Leonnʼs transportive music projects as founding member of electronic act ‘midstʼ, and his genre-melding solo DJ sets, have instituted him as an in-demand music presence in the cityʼs thriving electronic underground. 2018 saw the release of Kin Leonn’s debut solo album “Commune” on KITCHEN. LABEL with tracks from the album featured on KEXP (USA) and BBC Radio (UK). Layering a hybrid of textural synthesis and organic compositions, Kin Leonn’s compositions are often borne from the piano, but continue to evolve into a non-linear interplay of synthesisers, guitar drones and techno excursions.