Kerry Yong – Cover Me Cage

COVER ME CAGE : electronic arrangements of selected works by John Cage originally written for prepared piano.

Most of these pieces were written to accompany dance, pragmatically using only a piano stuffed with objects between the strings (screws, bamboo, plastic, leather, etc), to create a versatile broad palette of exotic percussive sounds.

In the same spirit, these 'covers' are re-creations using 'prepared electronics'. Using common technology (a MIDI keyboard and a computer), I perform the same notes written by Cage, substituting the prepared piano sound (carefully or recklessly) with sampled sounds from the electronic/recorded world.

Kerry Yong is a performer, composer and arranger based in east London. He trained as a pianist and now also performs on keyboards and electronics. His piano repertoire includes unusual classical repertoire (such as the Alkan’s arrangement of Mozart’s D minor Concerto K 466 for solo piano), Messiaen’s complete Catalogue d’oiseaux, new compositions, and his own project Cover Me Cage: electronic arrangements of various prepared piano works by John Cage.