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Jan Hendrickse + Simon Allen + Sandro Mussida

surround sound set

Felt is a supple solid product… an anti-fabric. It implies no separation of threads, no intertwining, only an entanglement of fibres obtained by fulling (for example, by rolling the block of fibres back and forth). What becomes entangled are the microscales of the fibres. An aggregate of intrication of this kind is in no way homogeneous: it is nevertheless smooth, and contrasts point by point with the space of fabric (it is in principle infinite, open, and unlimited in every direction; it has neither top nor bottom nor centre; it does not assign fixed and mobile elements but rather distributes a continuous variation). Deleuze / Guattari – A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

Simon Allen (percussions)
Sandro Mussida (cello)
Jan Hendrickse (flutes, feedback and electronics)