食品まつり a.k.a foodman a.k.a Takahide Higuci is an electronic music producer and visual artist based in Tokyo. His renaissance-like take on and knowledge of music is probably the most positively disconcerting trait of his work. He actively deals with several types of song forms, techno, house, pop, raw electronic percussion, concretism, footwork, ambient, with an incredibly creative, musical and wild take on melody, harmony, timbre and syncopation. Having said that, his work is not about variety as fetish or gratuitous imposition, but a profoundly cultured, intuitive and open take on the possibilities of all vocabularies that he observes and masters and deals with with precision. This tour is part of foodman’s first visit to perform in Europe. He has released work on numerous labels, namely Digitalis, Noumenal Loom, Patient Sounds Intl., Good Enuff in US and Dubliminal Bounce, Бh○§†, Sound Of Romances, Melting Bot or Orange Milk, which has just released his acclaimed ‘Ez Minzoku’ album. 

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