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Far Rainbow

Far Rainbow is the duo of Emily Mary Barnett and Bobby Barry. Improvising using drums, electronics, and household objects like sellotape, tinfoil, shaver, sandpaper, electric toothbrush, tin opener, whisk, mousetraps, hairbrush, etc.,  Far Rainbow approach their arsenal of intonarumori as if they were alien artefacts or ritual paraphernalia, operating according to recursive logics only partly determinable. In the spring of 2015, they started Zero Wave as a concert series, cassette label, and curatorial platform and have since released several tapes of collaborations with Colin Webster, Cath Roberts, Tullis Rennie, and John Doran alongside further releases as a duo on Fractal Meat Cuts, Linear Obsessional, and Slightly Off Kilter. In addition to their improvising practice, Far Rainbow have also performed scores by Christian Wolff and Alison Knowles.