The Ex

• ARNOLD DE BOER - vocals, guitar
• ANDY MOOR - guitar
• KATHERINA BORNEFELD - drums, vocals

The adventurous, innovative Dutch band The Ex exists 40 years this year and is still going strong. New projects, new songs and new adventures.
The Ex have defied categorisation ever since they started playing in 1979. Born out of the punk explosion, when anything and everything was possible, the band have still managed to retain both curiosity and passion for their music. Using guitars, bass, drums and voice as their starting point, The Ex have continued to musically explore undiscovered areas right up to the present day.

Already the early 1980s saw collaborations with jazz musicians and an Iraqi-Kurdish band. In the 90s the group found a myriad of partners from varied musical and non-musical backgrounds like Kamagurka, Tom Cora, Sonic Youth, Han Bennink, Jan Mulder and Shellac. In 2002 The Ex set up a lively musical exchange with Ethiopia, organised many projects over there and invited several Ethiopian musicians to Europe. Most striking was the collboration with the legendary saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria, which eventually led to two CD recordings and more than a hundred concerts.

The band also started organising the ‘Ex Festivals’, where they invited their favourite musicians. A mix of jazz improvisers, musicians from all over the world and local treasures they came across on tour. The last few years saw collaborations with Brass Unbound (Wolter Wierbos, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark and Roy Paci), Circus Debre Berhan and Fendika, both from Ethiopia, and many, many more.
After all these years, more than 28 albums and around 2000 concerts the band continues to work as they did in when they began, completely independent of record companies, managers or roadies. Because of this ‘do it yourself’ work ethic The Ex is still a great example for other forward-thinking bands and musicians.

“Staying a bird, staying independent, free if you will, for three decades, that takes skill and something else, something more like heart.” – Music journalist John Corbett on The Ex.

Featured releases

‘‘The new record from Dutch veterans The Ex is quite oddly packaged. It looks like someone has obtained the design by coding a Design-Your-Album-Cover-Automatically programme and then setting the controls to Mid-1980's, Obscure, and Rough Trade. From the very plain typefaces to the choice of images, it manages to look completely outdated, and yet to completely suit their (timeless) music at once. The Ex, you see, are No Ordinary Band. Would anyone else not just continue but actually kick off a whole new period of frantic activity having just lost their lead singer a full thirty years after he co-founded the band? Unlikely. Yet that is exactly what The Ex have done, and "Catch My Shoe" is the triumphant result. Showcasing their very rhythmic brand of art rock, which references The Fall as much as it does Sonic Youth and Joy Division as much as it does The Slits, "Catch My Shoe" is a relentless, syncopated, driven record, filled with incredible jazz sax and trumpet leads and astonishing lyrical concepts which disturb and emphasise the hypnotic rhythmic sway. Arnold De Boer, the replacement for the departed vocalist G W Sok, is a past collaborator with The Ex, and this familiarity lends the resulting ensemble some significant chemistry. While not quite as outstanding an experience as The Ex live (definitely, absolutely and utterly NOT TO BE MISSED), this is easily one of the best post punk / art rock records which will be released in 2010, and a creative high point even for these old hands.’’ Eddie Thomas - Subbacultcha. --- Instruments: Arnold de Boer (vocals, guitar), Andy Moor (guitar, baritone guitar), Terrie Hessels (guitar, baritone guitar), Katherina Bornefeld (drums, vocals) Roy Paci (trumpet) --- Recorded March 22-24 2010 at Electrical Audio, Chicago, USA by Steve Albini. Mixed in Amsterdam in Andy's room by The Ex. Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston

The Ex – Catch My Shoe

This first-time vinyl reissue comes with bonus 7-inch, inserts and 20-page booklet. --- Emerging out of Amsterdam's vibrant squat scene in 1979, The Ex - a name chosen for the ease and speed with which it could be spray-painted onto a wall - have for four decades been an entirely self-sustaining musical entity, charting a course through the global underground with a spirit of freedom and radical exploration. Disturbing Domestic Peace, The Ex's debut album, appeared mere months after their first single, 1980's All Corpses Smell The Same. Originally released on the band's own Verrecords (they made up different label names with each record), the LP falls squarely within a punk idiom and, at the same time, shows this influential Dutch group's restless energy. Terrie Ex's guitar serves up vectors of percussive pulse, fraying the edges of the music's squared-off rhythms. Vocalist G.W. Sok - an anarchist Dziga Vertov with a mic - observes, declaims and condemns across a set of interrelated political concerns that would return in Ex-music for years to come. While The Ex channel the poise and principled attack of Crass or Flux Of Pink Indians, they create a unique declamatory sound all their own - trailing brilliant flashes of color in the wake of punk's monochrome palette. Offering ten songs in only twenty-two minutes, Disturbing Domestic Peace lays bare a vivid snapshot of a truly singular band who (at the time) were just finding their feet.

The Ex – Disturbing Domestic Peace

Throughout their existence, the Ex have always been steadfastly uncommercial, refusing major label deals and remaining close to the radical politics that fueled them from the beginning. During their first decade, the Ex released a steady stream of albums and peripheral tracks, all on vinyl, and while the full-lengths have all found their way to CD, the numerous flexi-discs, compilation tracks, splits, and 7-inch EPs they put out remain exceedingly rare. Singles. Period. rectifies this situation by compiling all 23 non-album tracks the band recorded from 1980-1990, nicely remastered with pulverizing low-end and liner notes so thorough they take the disc's full 70-minute running time to read. The constants across the disc are Terrie Ex's ablating guitar and G.W. Sok's dry, amelodic vocals, taking on overzealous police raids, Apartheid, the El Salvadoran Civil War, and nuclear power with motor-mouthed rage. Bass players, drummers, and other assorted instrumentalists come and go around them, and the band evolves vividly across the chronologically-arranged disc, taking the agit-funk of the Gang of Four to rougher, nastier extremes and mixing directly with the European radical groups whose causes they espoused. --- Players: Terrie - guitar (1-21, 23), acoustic guitar (22) G.W. Sok - voice (1-21, 23), backing-vocals (22) Ome Geurt - drums (1-7) René - bass (1-7) Wim - drums (8-11) Bas - bass (8-15) Sabien - drums (12-18) Yoke - bass (16-18) Luc - bass (16-21, 23), double-bass (22) Nicolette - guitar (19) Katherina - drums (19-21, 23), vocals (22) Andy - guitar (23) Guests: Gert-Jan Blom - organ (4) Coby Laan - tiny grand piano (12) Jon Langford - drums (12-13) Ferry Heyne - guitar (13) Dolf Planteijdt - heavy mental guitar (16) ? of Awara - violin (18) Jeroen - samples (19) Marion, Andy, Wilf, Colin + Martin from Dog Faced Hermans - trumpet, acoustic guitar, rattle, woodblock, mandolin, backing-vocals (23) --- Album tracks taken from: All Corpses Smell The Same (7", He Records, 1980) EX 001 Utregpunx (compilation 7", Rock Against Records, 1980) Z 2 New Horizons in Retailing (7" flexi, Ping Pong Records, 1980) w/ Raket fanzine Weapons For El Salvador (7", f 3,50 Records, 1981) EX 006 w/ Gramschap Villa Zuid Moet Blijven (split 7" flexi, 1981) Gonna Rob The Spermbank (12", Sneeelleeer Records, 1983), EX 015 The Red Dance Package (split 12", CNT Productions, 1983) CNT 017 Awara / The Ex (split 7", Gramschap, 1984), DEI 975-EX 21 w/ Gramschap magazine Rara Rap (7", Lala Records, 1988), WAWA 01 Stonestampers / Steinklopfer (7", Ex Records, 1990), EX 043 Mekons / The Ex (split 7", Clawfist, 1990), CF 4

The Ex – Singles. Period

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