Evil Moisture

Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) has been working since the early '90s with home-built electronics and tape to produce a kind of low-fi collage music, using among other things multiple reel to reels, switching devices, and home made tapeloop delays, and sometimes the effects units and sound-generators which he produces for sale on his site http://evilmoisture.free.fr. As well as many one-off machines these include bat detectors, "chopper/mashers" and "filthers". In addition to many Evil Moisture releases and various electronics workshops he has made exhibitions and books of his visual work, recently collaborating with the Danish artist Zven Balslev, and is working on film projects, the last being "Free As Dead " in collaboration with Romain Perrot (using Andy's home-built video effects) which is available as a book/dvd. He runs the label School Of Meat Cutting. He is currently teaching an art/music/film class called "Maison Hantée" (Haunted House) at the Lycée Autogéré de Paris.