Clodagh Simonds

Clodagh Simonds has been in an on/off relationship with The Music Business since 1968 when she released her first single “Feelin’ High” at the age of 15, with the band she formed at school, Mellow Candle. While still in her teens, she did sessions for Thin Lizzy, Mike Oldfield, and Jade Warrior. Over the years she has lived in Dublin, Rome, London, and New York and right now she lives in West Cork. Since 2005 she has been busy persuading a fairly extraordinary cast of characters (including Brian Eno, Colin Potter, Roger Doyle, Julia Kent, Kate Ellis, Carter Burwell, Robert Fripp, Michael Begg, Laura Sheeran, Cora Venus Lunny – and the list goes on....) to aid and abet her recordings under the collective name of Fovea Hex.