Bint Mbareh

Bint Mbareh is curious about communal sounds and sovereignty over the sonic space as a communal resource. Her most recent research was an exploration of how rain-summoning song and ritual in Palestine acted and may continue to act as a ritual of time-bending. This research was adapted into an installation at Sakiya for Art, Science, Agriculture and Darat al-Funun in Amman. The performed iteration of this research took on call and response formats, with intentional silences and improvised vocalisation to challenge the drive to archive unwieldy data-sets (eg. old women telling stories and singing rain songs and interrupting themselves when they want to). Instead Bint Mbareh opted to become like the data-set, improvised and unarchivable. She performed her rain ritual at Savvy Contemporary in Berlin, Exist Festival at Khalil Sakakini Centre in Ramallah, Maastricht's InBetween Festival, and London's EFG Jazz Festival.

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Sunday 24 July 2022

Balladeste + Dina Amro Bint Mbareh

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