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Asuna made experimental music and installation work from a very young age during the late 90’s. his first major work, “Each Organ” a sound installation reconsidering the concept of etymology in 2002. “100 Toys” are countless toy instruments and electronic music of experimental performances. ASUNA’s current touring work "100 Keyboards" is a live music performance featuring over 100 keyboards. Multiple sound waves on the same frequency are diseminated in multiple directions, creating a complex distribution of acoustic pressure. This causes what is known as a moiré pattern of sound interference. In this site-specific listening experience, you will hear subtle variations of sound interference and resonance that vary based on your location in the performance space. And about music works, Lucky Kitchen label in spain  released a his european debut album in 2003. Since then, many albums have been released from USA and European labels like a Meeuw Muzak. And also he has been collaborating with Japanese experimental artist Minoru Sato-m/s for over 15 years. And in recent years, he has been collaborating with a German electronic musician Jan Jelinek.