“Whether it is traditional or contemporary, we need to be authentic,” says Gözen Atila who performs as Anadol. “I don't claim that I am authentic, but this is what I want to achieve.” A sense of authentic exploration, introspection and celebration coats every inch of Anadol’s latest album, Felicita. After 2019’s Uzun Havalar, the Turkish artist returns with an album that continues to explore a variety of deeply embedded musical traditions while also hurtling into new terrain. The music and influences – as well as the history, culture and geography behind them – that inform Atila as an artist coalesce to create something entirely new. The result is something that simultaneously explores history and tradition, while harnessing innovative modern sounds and techniques. “If there is any tradition I am somehow connected to, or influenced by, then it’s multi-genres,” she says. “Such as Turkish Pop and Arabesk music from this country where I grew up. There is a connection to Folk and also French Pop or Flamenco, Middle Eastern melodies and orchestration, Greek adaptations, Kenny G. solos, American guitars.”

For Contra Pop 2022, Anadol channels these diverse influences into a special DJ set.

Forthcoming events

Thursday 18 August 2022

Rizan Said + Anadol (DJ)

£16 £14 Advance £8 MEMBERS