22 February 2021 Watch


A new video collaboration between @xcrswx and Lolina folded together, up, and over a series of exchanges of recordings, footage, pleats and frames from empty music spaces.

Assembled and produced by Lolina and @xcrswx using:

OTO audio recordings by Adam Matschulat, filming/sync-ing Zara Joan Miller and Amy Dickson, and recordings and photos by Lolina.


Lolina is an electronic and digital musician, also known for her past projects as Inga Copeland and as part of the band Hype Williams. Lolina’s music is characterised by the use of digital composition, minimalist production and discordant vocal arrangements. Her live performances evolved through experiments with DJ equipment. Using CDJ players to loop, scratch and manipulate her existing recordings, Lolina developed an improvisational cut up style exemplified on recent releases “Live in Geneva” and “Who is experimental music?”. Lolina’s three-part radio residency aired on NTS in November 2020.

@xcrswx is the duo of:

Crystabel Riley - drum/human skin
Seymour Wright - alto saxophone (actual and potential)

It contrasts

the LIVE (evolved sounds/patience/relentless-ness)


the ANDROID (cropped media [sounds+visuals]/impatience/Instant Publication)

In 2020 it released

Call Time/Hard Out on Feedback Moves

and Lookbook on Takuroku