26 November 2020 Watch

Áine O'Dwyer

Áine O'Dwyer's performance for live stream in collaboration with Cafe Oto staff 2020.

This performance for live stream is part of an ongoing series entitled Tracker Action Mimes. The series is a collection of instructional scores written for choir and the space in which they are performed. 'Tracker Action' refers to the mechanical operational system used in pipe organs. It allows the player to perform a sensitive touch.

The pieces have been performed at Cafe Oto and Queen's Hall Edinburgh in 2019.

Thanks to: Amy Dickson, Zara Miller, Jackson Burton, Abby Thomas, Shaun Crook and Fielding Hope.

Sequence of events include:

The Holding Room - 0:00
Broken Bar Consort - 14:40
Stone-Clap - 23:00
Fan Synth - 25:54
The Black Cage Duet - 30:22
'Now!' - 34:40
Gong - 41:20
Aisle Of View/I Love You - 41:50
Close waltz - 48:42
Door Tour - 55:07