20 June 2019 Watch


Bamya do a unique and liberated mix of krautrock and post-punk, with discordant nods to Greek folk traditions. Keiron reads henmcjonny, Daphne on guitar.

[And the problem in those days was transporting warburtons loafs and high quality toasters
Maybe it was an act of god maybe a kick at the folly of man but where the union hit the forth and clyde
It was about 30 miles wide
So we got a human chain in. at around 6am sharp
We got 30 stout men and women funneling high grade consumer goods across the central belt of scotland
A shitload would hit the high canel which ordinarily would hit a steep drop
But now would just hit a mans hands and a womans hand plip plop plip plop
Like they were kneading some fine dough we'd drop it in the basin of the second canel and wooooosh off to the far east
North berwick
And over the years we'd be getting tescos asdas + sainsburys all across the central belt
****in 1965 hen mcjohnny was born****
Meanwhile thre was this other plump girl that was panicing
She'd been on the connection for 30 years
It was her life
And the new stuff the new ways the second industrial revolution was coming in]

-video begins-

She would see a clear vision of what was going to replace her
She would see this wheel sorta of coming out bit by bit
Aaaaaand with every night every scream every panic she'd see a new cog a new element in the design come into play
After about five years of anxiety and sleepless nights
She had this complete image of how such a wheel would be built
Uhhhh she knew it back and forth
At the urging of a friend
To calm her worst fears
She had to write down them all down
And she chose to write all her worst fears down em on.... several feet of architects graph paper about 172 mathematical equations
She sold this for quite a healthy sum emmm
She never had any anxiety or a day of work to worry about any time in her life
And thats how the falkirk wheel was built
Hen mcjohnny was ahhhh
By this point was probably about in her fifties
And ehhh she saw this come in and replace the best of her kind
And she climbed up to the highest mountain and said
Two legs good
1s and 0s bad
So with ahh swift flick of the wrists she took down the wheel and single threw all the cogs to the four corners of the earth
And the next ship came down with both of her thick wrists umm just sort of dived in the pool below
And landed with a satisfying plop just about as well done as anything machine could do
And ehhh hen mcjohnny went down to the bottom never to be seen again
But her legend would live on
The story of ehhh one woman against machine
Although her efforts even at that time were superseded and made redunant by the invention of the automobile and the motorway