25 August 2018 Listen

OTO Radio - Steve Lacy Part One

Fielding Hope and Abby Thomas play their favourite records from the late Steve Lacy's early career, ahead of a performance of his music at OTO presented by Evan Parker and Seymour Wright. 


Day Dream (Soprano Saxo, Prestige, 1958)

Bye Ya (Reflections, New Jazz, 1959)

Louise [composed by Cecil Taylor] - (Straight Horn of Steve Lacy, Candid, 1960)

The Mystery Song [composed like Duke Ellington] - (Evidence, New Jazz, 1962)

Forest - (Forest and the Zoo, ESP Disk, 1967) 

Bone - (Stalks, Columbia, 1975)

The Cryptosphere [played by Seymour Wright] - recorded by night London July, 2018 by Crystabel Riley (containing Steve Lacy playing Thelonious Monk’s ‘Ruby My Dear’ recorded Paris, 1969).