13 June 2018 ListenRead

Anthony Braxton in Conversation with Alexander Hawkins

Ever since Cafe OTO first opened its doors in 2008, Anthony Braxton has been up at the top of the list of people we wanted to host. One of the fundamental figures in the music of the late 20th century, his work as a saxophonist and composer has set trailblazing precedents by tapping into and expanding new conceptual and instrumental possibilities. To this day, Braxton remains a towering force in new music and we were over the moon to welcome him to OTO for three very special nights with his ZIM Sextet as we celebrate our 10th year. Following the three nights, it was a pleasure to host Braxton again, this time in conversation with pianist and Braxton performer, Alexander Hawkins. Braxton joyfully discussed his time as part of the AACM, the influence Stockhausen has had on his work, and the many logical levels behind ZIM music. You can listen to the discussion, or read the transcript here

Big thanks to Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum, Adam Matlock, Dan Peck, Jacqueline Kerrod & Miriam Overlach for the music, to Alexander Hawkins for hosting, to Paul Skinner for recording and to Dawid Laskowski for the photo.