Ursula K. Le Guin – Space Crone

Celebrated author Ursula K. Le Guin witnessed the rebellions and upheavals of the twentieth century, including women’s liberation, the civil rights movement and anti-war and environmental activism. Spanning fifty years of her life and work fighting for social and environmental justice, Space Crone brings together Le Guin’s writings on feminism and gender for the first time. Gathering speeches, essays and storiesSpace Crone offers new insights into her imaginative, multispecies feminist consciousness: from its roots in her ecological and anti-war concerns, to her self-education about racism and her writing on motherhood and ageing.

Edited and introduced by So Mayer and Sarah Shin

Extent: 256 pages

"One of the literary greats of the 20th century." Margaret Atwood

 "An anarchic destabilizer of established power structures and a ferocious critic of racist and sexist narratives." Maria Dahvana Headley

 "great teacher. great spirit." adrienne maree brown

 "A crafter of fierce, focused, fertile dreams." David Mitchell

 "A deepener and clarifier of possibility." Nicola Griffith

 "A literary icon." Stephen King