Positionen #128

POSITIONEN – Texte zur aktuellen Musik presents and goes into dialogue with contemporary music and cultural practices both in the German-speaking area and internationally. The journal was founded by Gisela Nauck and Armin Köhler in former East Germany in 1988 and presents thematically oriented issues with essays, portraits, interviews, and specials as well as a variety of “Positionen” (“Positions”): Comments on contemporary discourses in recordings, books, festivals, concerts, exhibitions as well as musical aspects in e.g. the visual arts, fashion, and performance.

The Berlin-based cultural journal is published four times a year. In addition, articles and reviews are published online, too. POSITIONEN also has a digital archive that makes older contributions available to several academic and public libraries. The international perspective is also emphasized through the publication of international articles that are translated into German. POSITIONEN strives to strengthen critique and discourse around new music and to connect the areas of musicology and cultural journalism. Intending to encourage and foster future generations of writers, POSITIONEN regularly organizes workshops in critical writing in collaboration with universities and festivals.
Since 2019 POSITIONEN has been published and edited by Andreas Engström and Bastian Zimmermann, assisted by a Berlin-based Creative Crowd as well as several international correspondents.


Christian Grüny   Wieso jetzt auch noch wir?

Genoël von Lilienstern   Yaanga — Los Angeles

Andreas Karl   Wider die Einbahnstraße — Identitäten im jüngsten chinesisch geprägten Komponieren

Jay Arms   »Made in the USA« — Gamelan Son of Lion und die amerikanische experimentelle Musik

Nico Daleman   The shape of Cumbia to come — Neo-Macondismo oder kolumbianische Avantgarde?

Jessie Cox   Das Drumset als Werkzeug Kreolisierter Welten

Lara Scherrieble   Über Wut und Liebe in the Wake


Die exklusive Positionen-Fachbekleidungsedition

von Heinz Maison Thomas

Models: Yana Thönnes & Ludwig Abraham, Fotos: Robin Thomas


Laurie Anderson: Spending the War Without You 1–3; Alvin Lucier: I am sitting in a Room / Lucier & Bach: Sitting in a Room; Dorrit Bauerecker One Woman Band; Helmut Lachenmann – My Way; Malte Pelleter ›Futurhythmaschinen‹; Alex Paxton: Music for Bosch People; Acht Brücken; Klangwerkstatt Online Festival; Morphine Records; Halim El-Dabh / MaerzMusik Festival für Zeitfragen; Smerz: Believer; Biliana Voutchkova: Under the Veil of Consciousness; Magical Soup; Sisters with Transistors: Lisa Rovner; Foodman: Yasuragi Land; Virtuelle Kunstausübung?: Das Internet als Bühne; Klangbrücken 2021 / Musique spectrale; Ten Cities. Clubbing in Nairobi…; Konstantia Gourzi: Anájikon & Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt; Trickster Orchestra/Ensemble Extrakte; Adam Neely & Ben Levin: How I Loved My Cat; Wir bringen die Blase zum Platzen!