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Linus Vandewolken – Het vlier, een hommels Dauwe

The clouds have rolled away leaving a barren landscape, but as what happens, the crocus and other flowers burst from the ground. With "Het Vlier Een Hommels Dauwe", LINUS VANDEWOLKEN looks up to once again see colors and light. The feeling of loss is still present but we hear the transformation of his days in Niemandaal to leafy green. On this recording, the third to be released on cassette by the Brussels based Herberg Rustiek, Linus shares other creations, shakers, and flutes which have not been heard since "Hommel Op Aarde" have come back, perhaps signifying the renaissance of his voice, though not present on this collection, we can hear that it will once again sing.

Linus Vandewolken plays the hommel, a traditional stringed instrument from Flanders.
released October 20, 2017