Ernst Bier/Gunnar Geisse/Ignaz Schick – Hawking Extended

"With Hawking Extended the two Berlin based musicians Ernst Bier & Ignaz Schick present their duo Hawking (formed in 2013) in addition with the Munich based composer, guitarist and live-electronics player Gunnar Geisse. While Hawking performed entirely with live-electronic instruments – in Hawking Extended however additionally to the three different electronic set-ups the musicians also make use of their original acoustic instruments. The purely acoustic setting (saxophone, guitar, drums) is mirrored with the entire electronic display (Wave Drum/Electronics, Laptop, Turntable). The music consciously uses the tension between acoustic free improvisation, electro-acoustic/electronic music, noise and contemporary jazz and continuously oscillates between those different stylistic poles.

Hawking Extended are building obscure sculptural sound objects, risky, sometimes fragile and often eclectic. They allow themselves to touch musical taboos and walk on the thin line between „Kitsch “, sharp electronics and refreshing anti-preset-music often resulting in a music which sounds like an acoustic science fiction film. A year after their first concerts in trio in 2017, the three spent some time in the luxurious recording studio Bonello in Berlin and are now presenting the exciting results of this seance with this CD. A music that picks up on many different elements and influences from past and current waves & inspirations. Each of the three players being an idiosyncrat of their own on their chosen instruments, each of them have created their own personal language and stylistic field. Adding this three unique characters creates an outstanding collage of musical layers, unpredictable and surprising." 

Ignaz Schick [alto saxophone, turntables, sampler]
Gunnar Geisse [laptop guitar, virtual instruments]
Ernst Bier [drums, wave drum, electronics]