Encore 72 Hours – VA

Huge compilation of remarkable Chinese musicians in and around the Old Heaven scene in Shenzen, China. Recorded live at Tomorrow festival in Shenzen in 2023, there is music from bigger names Mamer, IZ & Lao Dan alongside local musicians Yang Yi, The Two Other Comrades and Wu Tun. If you're wondering what the festival is like, this is a great taster, or if you're already into Mamer then get to know his peers. Folk / blues / industrial / rock / electronic out of Shenzen. Not ur everyday.

“Encore 72 Hours” is a special project including some remarkable Chinese domestic musicians. This release is a live recording compilation of the project.

The album set is available on 3LP and 3CD+1DVD. All mixing and mastering are done by famous mixing engineer Liu Ying’s studio thus possess extraordinary quality.

The album is not only a recording and a reproduction but also a necessary supplement to a live performance, even an artistic reinvention of acoustic. We hope to strike resonance among some listeners." - Tu Fei

Track 1~2

杨一 Yang Yi - 吉他 Guitar / 人声 Vocals / 口琴 Harmonica 

Track 3
王凡Wang Fan - 笔记本电脑 Laptop

Track 4~5
马木尔 Mamer - 吉他 Guitar / 人声 Vocals
夏力 Xalhar - 吉他 Guitar / 和声 Backing Vocals
别克 Araybek - 打击乐 Percussion

Track 6~7
欢庆 Huang Qing - 吉他 Guitar / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声 Vocals
李琨 Li Kun - 钢琴 Piano / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声Vocals

Track 8~9
法茹克 Ph - 吉他 Guitar / 主唱 Vocals
翟晓明 Zhai Xiaoming - 贝斯 Bass / 主唱Vocals
法如克 Faruk - 鼓 Drums

Track 10~12
马木尔 Mamer - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocals
夏力 Xalhar - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocals
别克 Araybek - 鼓 Drums
老丹 Lao Dan - 萨克斯 Saxophone(Track 10)

Track 13~14
吴吞 Wu Tun - 人声 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar / 自行车 Bicycle / 鼓风机 Wind Blower 

Track 15~16

小河 Xiao He - 主唱 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar
张玮玮 Zhang Weiwei - 手风琴 Accordion
郭龙 Guo Long - 打击乐 Percussion

Track 17
李剑鸿 Li Jianhong - 吉他 Guitar/ 人声Vocals
韦玮 VAVABOND - 笔记本电脑 Laptop / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声 Vocals


Track 18
小河 Xiao He - 人声 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar
杨一 Yang Yi - 人声 Vocals
老丹 Lao Dan - 人声 Vocals / 萨克斯 Saxophone


现场调音 Live Sound Engineer & 录音 Recording:曾君 Zeng Jun,罗绿野 Luo Lvye
现场灯光 Stage Lighting Engineer:张坤 Cheung Kwan
混音 Mixing & 母带处理 Mastering:刘英 Liu Ying
制作人 Producer:涂飞 Tu Fei
主视觉设计 Main Visual Design:林溪 LINXI’s Office
唱片设计 Album Design & 统筹 Coordinator:尹思卜 Yin Sibo
影像出品 Video Production:大發錄像 DAFA
Live at “Tomorrow Festival Special Project: Encore 72 Hours”, recorded at B10 Live, Shenzhen, May 21~23, 2021
旧天堂书店 & 深圳B10现场 联合出品
Published by Old Heaven Books & B10 Live, Shenzhen 2022