Deorlaf Z (version) for XT Deorlaf X Live – Paul Abbott

Seymour Wright and I had exchanged some ideas in advance of, to prepare for, our live performance for the launch of the XT 'Deorlaf X' OTOroku record, at Cafe OTO. I began to prepare some material based on our thoughts, and the Deorlaf X record. This congealed unexpectedly, into the 38 minutes which became this Deorlaf "Z" iteration. For the OTO event, the sounds were then reworked live (from Brussels), with Seymour's material (live in London). I'd said this: "The ingredients were those initial ideas: 'dub' mutations, Deorlaf (Dalston) & XT histories (memory) plus mutated bifurcations:—thinking about (distanced, as we are/will be for the 14th [July, 2021]) joins, connections, transitions (edges, bridges, membranes, blocks) intense and continual communication (pouring in/out, simultaneously: time, density, speed) across real and imaged spaces. I used the Deorlaf [X] section (beeps) as one draped, initial frame, the rest was a continual pouring in/out; ultra(s) close/far/fast/slow/low frequency/high frequency."
Thanks to Seymour Wright, Fielding Hope, Abby Thomas, Shaun Crook, James Dunn and the ongoing generosity of all cafe OTO crew.
Paul Abbott - real & imaginary drums

1 - Deorlaf Z (version) for XT Deorlaf X Live [38:17]

Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott is a musician and drummer. He plays with real and imaginary drums, synthetic sounds, performance and writing.

Recent and ongoing collaborations include: XT with Seymour Wright; XT+Pat Thomas; XT+Anne GillisX Ray Hex TetF.R.David, very good* & Rosmarie with Will Holder; film sound for Keira GreeneRian Treanor Duo; RP Boo Trio with XT; The Creaking Breeze Ensemble with Nathaniel Mackey; yPLO with Micheal Speers and performances with Cara Tolmie.

Paul has performed at venues and festivals internationally. He was a co-founder and co-editor of Cesura//Acceso journal for music, politics and poetics, and SAM resident artist at Cafe OTO 2015. In 2022 he completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Florian Hecker and Nikki Moran. He is currently undertaking research at Royal Conservatoire/Academy Fine Arts Antwerp.

Recent releases include: solos NsularDuctus; XT+Pat Thomas “Akisakila” / Attitudes of Preparation (Mountains, Oceans, Trees); XT Deorlaf XPalina’Tufa; Creaking Breeze Ensemble & Nathaniel Mackey Fugitive EquationF.R.David very good*; RP Boo Trio 31.12.18.