Laura Cannell – 17.3.17

Metaphoric, historical but also just as easily enjoyed without any context at all, Laura Cannell's approach to fiddle and recorder has echoes of medieval tradition with a folk vernacular. Recorded on the first night of her series ‘Modern Ritual’, her set framed an evening which evoked both real and fictional landscapes and explored ideas of ritual through music and words. Singling out tracks from her first and third records (Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth and Simultaneous Flight Movement respectively), Cannell draws a chapter from her work based on ritual - both natural and supernatural. Overbowing the fiddle and dual blowing recorder, she blurs fiction with history and conjures a new kind of Black Hour - a melodic two tone drone which is both tame and wild, and the image of a Sacristan drowned in his own font.


Laura Cannell / fiddle, recorders



1. Simultaneous Flight Movement - 1:48

2. Winter Saltings - 3:09

3. A New Theory of Eclipse - 3:52

4. The Happiness of Both Worldes Part 1 - 2:58

5. The Drowned Sacristan - 3:10


Recorded live at Cafe OTO by Shaun Crook on Friday 17th March 2017. Mixed by James Dunn & Laura Cannell. Mstered by James Dunn. Lino print by Laura Cannell. 

Available as 24bit FLAC or 320kbp MP3

Laura Cannell

Laura Cannell draws on the emotional influences of the landscape and the sometimes dissonant chords of early and medieval music. With deconstructed bow and double recorders, Laura performs semi-composed, semi-improvised pieces which explore the spaces between ancient and experimental music creating music that is rooted in but not tethered to the past.

She has released four critically acclaimed solo albums and is regularly broadcast on the BBC including Radio 3, 4 and 6Music and international radio. Laura regularly performs in the UK and Europe, recent festivals include Unsound Poland, Flow Helsinki, Meteo France, Norway, Holland and Denmark. As well as solo at The Barbican and Royal Festival Hall.

Recent projects include commissions for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, The Zuckerman Museum of Contemporary Art (US),and touring with the cellist Lori Goldston (Earth, Nirvana), and a series of new music/word performances under the heading Modern Ritual which tours the UK in 2018. Laura also runs her own independent record label - Brawl Records

“One of the most exciting instrumentalists around” – The Guardian

“Laura Cannell coaxes fresh magic from age-old techniques… She conjures a sonic portal between the past and present… The raw beauty of her melodies glimmer through prickly thickets of stark and dissonant chordal drones” – The Wire