Wild Rani – Ruminations Until All Done

Wild Rani's music emerges from the sonic dirtbin of two different experimental traditions; the laconic and dry no-wave synth and tape work of late 70/80’s UK acts like Cabaret Voltaire, and the gooey dirge of Michigan noiseniks Wolf Eyes. Both approaches infuse her sound world with an eerie aura, filling the space with slime dripped synths, discombobulating drones and flurries of flute and rattle-snake percussion.

Becky’s words are pushed to the fore, spelling out her upheavals, desires and alienation in direct, matter of fact syntax. This is an incantation and excavation – dispelling the ghosts of 2020 and 2021 in aural form. Having this as part of our final set of releases is fitting: an ode to an extremely strange, dark time.


Wild Rani - synths, vocals & various instrumentation 


Mastered by Oliver Barrett

1 - Ruminations Until All Done [23:40]

Wild Rani

I've sometimes played with Heath Moerland as MIRROR II RORRIM but now mostly I play solo as Wild Rani.
I've walked boards with Blood Stereo, Wolf Eyes, Body/Head, Aaron Dilloway, Mark Morgan, Church Shuttle

I've played at Colour Out of Space, International Noise Conference (INC), Voice of the Valley (VoV), Tor Fest

Released music on All Gone, Chocolate Monk, Fag Tapes