Wild Rani

Photo by John Convery

Wild Rani

Rebecca Mahay is an artist and performer born in Birmingham and now residing in Leeds. Mahay is of Indian-Punjabi descent.

Playing as Wild Rani, Mahay had a release on OTO’s TakuRoku label, Ruminations Until All Done, which The Wire noted “explores the music within digital noise, modulating hum, sirens and overlaid classic synth slides and whorls, threaded together with Mahay’s distorted, distant spoken word reflections on self, delivered as poetic, rhythmical snatches of vivid lockdown reality”.

Mahay’s audiovisual work in MIRROR II RORRIM added another dimension to Heath Moerland’s Sick Llama noise project with releases on Moerland’s now defunct Fag Tapes label, with one Womensware released by All Gone (Chris Durham/Church Shuttle).

“A glitchy, fragmented mess of vocals, samples, electronics, and feedback, the tape is characteristic of Moreland and Fag Tapes in general, though in some ways a little lighter and more inviting than most of the rest of their output.” Joe Bucciero, AdHoc on MIRROR II RORRIM

“A vocal ritualistic atmosphere is created by Becky Mahay bringing to mind Vox Populi "half dead ganja music" or the earliest coil live outings” - Chris Durham, All Gone Records.

Mahay’s sound and video work has featured in British Art Show’s ‘Offsite 9’, Eastside Projects Gallery, Sluice Art Fair, Vivid Projects, and Rhizome DC. Performances include Colour Out of Space, Voice of the Valley (VoV), International Noise Conference (INC) Miami, and supporting Body/Head, Wolf Eyes, and Aaron Dilloway.

Think melancholic vocal synth noise jams meets cut up life drama with a heavy seasoning of black comedy.