Tatsuya Yoshida & Mamer – Wild West Adventure

"Mamer met the legendary Japanese drummer Tatsuya Yoshida in 2014 at the 1st Tomorrow’s Festival, where the two first shared stage.Wild West Adventure consists of two discs titled “See the Mountain” and “See the River”, the album documents another fearless improvisation session of the duo recorded in October 2016 in Ürümqi. The album showcases both musicians’ remarkable ability as free improvisers and masters of their own instruments, and it takes its listeners to an epic adventure filled with explosive and enchanting dynamics of rock-oriented avant-garde music."


Tatsuya Yoshida / drums, vocals

Mamer / bass, vocals



May 2018

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. See The Mountain 1 (见山一)
2. See The Mountain 2 (见山二)
3. See The Mountain 3 (见山三)
4. See The Mountain 4 (见山四)
5. See The Mountain 5 (见山五)
6. See The Mountain 6 (见山六)
7. See The Mountain 7 (见山七)
8. See The River 1 (见水一)
9. See The River 2 (见水二)
10. See The River 3 (见水三)
11. See The River 4 (见水四)
12. See The River 5 (见水五)
13. See The River 6 (见水六)
14. See The River 7 (见水七)