Supermarket Chitose – Kumio Kurachi

Hard to get hold of Kurachi CD - 'Supermarket Chitose'. Huge work from 2007, building on the vast landscape of 'I Heard The Ground Sing'. Each instrument is played and recorded by Kurachi, overdubbed and mastered by Taku Unami. Includes a remake of the "Tower" included on 'Rumors Buffalo'. Multiple voices in a moving landscape, meeting, passing each other, and at one moment, coinciding as if by chance. 

"Each word is more everyday than ever. Spoken words come and go, secretly or loudly. The background of the self-portrait appearing on the jacket is a supermarket. It is said that "Best Camera" refers to a real consumer electronics retailer based in Kyushu. Too everyday. Nevertheless, the landscape that I have never seen spreads. Includes "Kurano" - an origami paper by origami artist cochae, which is also on the jacket." Enban

Kumio Kurachi

Fukuoka native Kumio Kurachi is one of the most original players of the Japanese underground. When he's not dabbling in visual art, he practices a deeply weird brand of minstrelsy, pairing surreal lyrics and theatrical vocal mannerisms with unorthodox guitar tunings that were inspired by the koto. Somewhat similar to Mikami, but a whole load brighter. Kurachi performed actively in Tokyo in the 80's, and still plays shows in Fukuoka regularly. He has released cassette tapes as well as CDs since the early 80's. Past collaborators include Taku Unami and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and he has been on bills with Tenniscoats, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Kei Yamauchi, Kazuhisa Uchihashi and many others.