Staraya Derevnya – 13.10.17

Members of psychedelic Russian / Israeli collective Staraya Derevnya rarely get to perform live together, so it's with huge pleasure that we are uploading this one. After spending a week holed out in our Project Space, the group emerged to present 45 minutes of curious, home-brewed folk psych wonk made with objects, percussion, vocals and homemade instruments.  Live animated projection makes a large impact on each of their improvisations so be sure to check out the video of the night too.

"They play a kind of psychedelic folk with wind-up toys, shouting, buzzy sounds and with live animated drawings – out of some foggy scribble emerges a head, then a bug thing grows tentacles and sucks ectoplasm out of the head, then stuff starts spinning around and then a phoenix rises." - Lee Fisher, NARC magazine

"Staraya Derevnya make bewitching music that seems impossible to place in terms of direction and intention, like climbing into a cab only to realise its not a cab at all." - TUSK


Amos Ungar / dulcimer, sampler

Danil Gertman / digital drawing

Gosha Hniu / percussion, toys, cries and whispers

Grundik Kasyansky / feedback synthesizer, objects

Maya Pik / synthesizer, rocking chair, melodica

Ran Nahmias / silent cello, theremin


Lyrics by Arthur Molev. Mixed and mastered by Gosha Hniu from the original recording made by Shaun Crook. Filmed by Heliana Trovato, Sam Way,  Filippo Mira and Patrick Farrell. Video edited by Heliana Trovato. Huge thanks to Tsip Nahmias and to the wonderful people at Cafe OTO and Tusk Festival - this wouldn't have happened without you!

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. 13.10.17 - 43:55

Staraya Derevnya

The music of the international kraut-folk collective Staraya Derevnya resists any direct comparison. Rob Hayler (Radio Free Midwich) described their live performance as “psychedelic and truly dream-like in a way that so little art described as ‘surreal’ gets anywhere near … a glove-like fit for the hypnagogic experience of losing yourself”. They play an array of home-made instruments and sing in imaginary tongues, accompanied by primal live artwork. “The listener is taken on a journey that's perhaps best described as one third aural Alice Through the Looking Glass, one third experimental psych jamboree and one third impossible to describe." (Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio)