29 June 2018 Watch


Russian / Israeli collective Staraya Derevnya project live animation behind their fusion of objects, percussion, homemade instruments, live animation and vocals - making for incomparable listening and an immersive psychedelic film. Scroll right down for the video


Amos Ungar / dulcimer, sampler

Danil Gertman / digital drawing

Gosha Hniu / percussion, toys, cries and whispers

Grundik Kasyansky / feedback synthesizer, objects

Maya Pik / synthesizer, rocking chair, melodica

Ran Nahmias / silent cello, theremin


Lyrics by Arthur Molev. Mixed and mastered by Gosha Hniu from the original recording made by Shaun Crook. Filmed by Heliana Trovato, Sam Way,  Filippo Mira and Patrick Farrell. Video edited by Heliana Trovato. Huge thanks to Tsip Nahmias and to the wonderful people at Cafe OTO and Tusk Festival - this wouldn't have happened without you!