Bruxelles – O Yama O

Live recording of O Yama O at les ateliers claus 9th May 2019.


Keiko Yamamoto / voice
Rie Nakajima / objects
Marie Roux / drum
Billy Steiger / violin


Recorded by Christophe Albertijn at les ateliers claus 9 May 2019
Mixed and produced by David Cunningham during the summer of 2021.

All titles composed by Nakajima/Roux/Steiger/Yamamoto apart from My Body (David Toop/Steve Beresford)

Photo by Laurent Orseau

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  

1. Namekuji - 8.03
2. Miko - 5.10
3. Uma - 7.48
4. My Body - 5.47
5. Nogitsune - 5.23

O Yama O

Formed of musician and artist Rie Nakajima, Cafe OTO co-founder Keiko Yamamoto, percussionist and photographer Marie Roux and violin player Billy Steiger, O Yama O explores a certain domestic and democratic quality of everyday life, born through associations to folk music of Japan and a folding of myth, tradition, and routine; the non-spectacular and the sublime. They move between pop and the philosophical, defined by the overall space afforded to texture and movement. In small, delicate sound an intimate musical climate is established that reflects on life, telling stories of improvised clockwork, whispered dreams, small movements of the hand and the rhythm to be found in the shuffle of a deck of cards.

The group have performed since 2014 at venues and festivals such as noshowspace, Ikon Gallery, Wysing Arts Centre, Supernormal, Borealis Festival, Mayhem, and allEars Festival.