Mamer – Faintish Radiation

"After his self imposed exile from the global world music niche, Mamer found his stage at Shenzhen’s two annual music festivals – Tomorrow Festival and OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival – curated by his loyal friend and supporter Tu Fei, who would always reserve at least one set for Mamer’s newest sonic experimentations. Mamer’s most recent album Faintish Radiation documents his full performances of solo improvisation at the seventh (2017) and eighth (2018) OCT-LOFT Jazz Festivals, in which he performed electric bass, guitar, dombra, jew's harp and vocals.

These recordings register Mamer’s trajectory towards a maturing avant garde composer who is able to capture the audience with an everchanging bizarre sonic kaleidoscope, one which summons industrial noise, doom drones, heavy metal riffs, dark and punchy grooves, and broken pieces of folk melodies. In each of his solo performances, Mamer would start from random notes and eventually build up an overpowering atmosphere that is distinctively his own, knowing only too well when to release a delicate Kazakh tune as a reward for intensive listening. Here “Daidiydao”, a heartbreaking love song believed to be composed by Kazakh poet Magzhan Zhumabayev, was unleashed towards the end of the 2018 performance, before an abrupt, typically Mamer stop that ended the whole set.


录音 Recording:曾君 Zeng Jun;罗绿野 Luo Lvye
混音 Mixing & 母带处理 Mastering:刘英 Liu Ying
制作人 Producer:涂飞 Tu Fei
设计 Design:尹思卜 Yin Sibo
封面照片 Front Cover Photo:@Waitetc_等等
其它摄影 Other Photos:阿瓜 Wain;陈鸿@DAFA;蒙润


1 Chine (1) 5:17
2 Ezeng 4:35
3 地球民歌 Folk Song of the Earth 5:00
4 老地图 Old Map 8:34
5 Chine (2) 7:26
6 Shangkobez 5:54
7 工人神曲 The Divine Comedy of Workers 6:20
8 90's 4:17
9 室内游牧 Indoor Nomadism 2:30
10 Mayda Konger (Akan Seri) 3:02

马木尔 Mamer - 吉他 Guitar / 口弦 Jew's Harp / 冬不拉 Dombra / 人声 Vocals
Recorded at the 7th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival on October 29, 2017
B10 Live, Shenzhen, China



1 Kün 8:53
2 Kim 7:27
3 Babalar 8:49
4 Zen 5:38
5 Sêh 5:34
6 幽浮部落 UFO Tribe 4:31
7 核磁 Nuclear Magnetic 4:20
8 Tin 6:26
9 Daidiydao 7:44
10 冬不拉即兴 Dombra Improvisation 6:23

马木尔 Mamer - 贝斯 Bass / 冬不拉 Dombra / 人声 Vocals
Recorded at the 8th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival on October 17, 2018
B10 Live, Shenzhen, China