Keiji Haino – Live Ateliers Claus

"Live recording from Keiji Haino his concert at les ateliers claus on 7th October 2019 - Brussels, Belgium

We all know Keiji Haino as a legendary musician and it's always a special experience to host him. The day prior to his concert at les ateliers claus, he came to Brussels and expressed his wish to do some record shopping. And so we did - in between soundcheck and the actual concert. Keiji Haino likes to hear unique sounds and performers and so we went on a search. In a certain store in Brussels I made him listen to one of my favourite albums by Igor Wakhevitch (Hator) - he listened and promised me half-jokingly his performance at les ateliers claus would be better."

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. God's Favourite Experience(s) _ part 1 22:19
2. God's Favourite Experience(s) _ part 2 21:48
3. God's Favourite Experience(s) _ part 3 28:25

Keiji Haino

Born in Chiba on May 3, 1952. Inspired by Antonin Artaud he aimed for the theatre, but an encounter with The Doors stimulated him into music, where he has examined and absorbed a wide range of music from the early blues especially Blind Lemon Jefferson or European medieval music to popular songs across the world. In 1970 he joined a group “Lost Aaraaf” named after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem as a vocalist. Meanwhile, he started to work on home recordings and self-taught the guitar and percussions. In 1978 he formed a rock band “Fushitsusha,” and since 1988, after a recuperation period from 1983 to 1987, he has been internationally active in various forms including solo, groups such as Fushitsusha, Nijiumu, Aihiyo, Vajra, Sanhedrin, Seijaku, Nazoranai or The Hardy Rocks and DJ as “experimental mixture,” as well as collaborations with artists from different backgrounds, drawing the performance of the guitar, percussions, the hurdy gurdy, diverse wind and string instruments, local instruments from across the world and DJ gears to the extreme through unique techniques. He has released more than 200 recordings and performed live at least 1,800 times.