Songs – Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey

Recorded back in November 1996 at Moat Studios in London during the same sessions which brought about some of the Tokuma releases (Drawing Close, Attuning - The Respective Signs Of Order And Chaos), apparently. Features Bailey on electric guitar and Haino on vocals only. The two share a passion for the atonal, and a sense of humour - they called this record "Songs" after all. 


Derek Bailey / electric guitar

Keiji Haino / vocals


Recorded November 1996. Recording and post-production at Moat Studios, London. Artwork by Haino. Design & layout by Karen Brookman. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC



1. Yume Ga Ichiban Muchi - 2:19
2. 25 No Seimeitai - 2:43
3. Aru Kanashika No Juni - 4:41
4. 2 To Mugen No Torihiki - 0:52
5. Zen'i No Yokubo - 1:14
6. Boka Ga Nejirekireru To Ai - 2:10
7. Zureteyuku No Ha Watashi, Soretomo Ima - 1:57
8. Ten To Tomo Ni Ishoni Itagaru Shugo - 0:54
9. Egatai Kanashimi O Te Ni Ireta - 1:25
10. Chotto Burusu Ni Aisatsu - 1:11
11. Kotaerarenai Hazu Na No Ni - 4:09
12. Ichi O Tashikamete Kara... - 4:10
13. Fukuzatsu To Iu Zurusa - 4:19
14. Tsumasaki Kara No Keikoku - 2:17
15. Kikiakasarerarenai Koto - 2:27
16. Massugu Tte Kore De Ii No? - 5:22


Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey was one of the most influential and adventurous experimental guitarists to come from England (Sheffield), evolving out of the trad-jazz scene of the fifties into the avant/jazz scene in '60s London. By the late sixties he was a member of the Joseph Holbrooke Trio, Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Music Improvisation Company which later became the amorphous Company under his leadership. These groups were at the birth and center of the British free-jazz scene. In the early seventies, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker started their own record label called Incus Records - one of the first artist-run labels. 

Although Derek played with members of the British free/jazz scene, he also forged relationships with a number of European players like Han Bennink & Peter Brötzmann, Japanese free players like Abe Kaoru, Toshinori Kondo, as well as American improvisers like Anthony Braxton, George Lewis and John Zorn to name a few. 

Derek organized an annual festival called Company Week in the 80's & 90's, which brought together a unique group of international improvisers from varied backgrounds.

"He was a man who repelled pretension, refused to be shoehorned into comfortable categories, and played amazing guitar." - John Butcher

"I do not subscribe to the idea that free improvisation began or ends with any individual. This only suggests that somehow the music Derek made was so individualistic that it failed to communicate anything beyond personal expression." - Eddie Prevost 

Keiji Haino

Born in Chiba on May 3, 1952. Inspired by Antonin Artaud he aimed for the theatre, but an encounter with The Doors stimulated him into music, where he has examined and absorbed a wide range of music from the early blues especially Blind Lemon Jefferson or European medieval music to popular songs across the world. In 1970 he joined a group “Lost Aaraaf” named after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem as a vocalist. Meanwhile, he started to work on home recordings and self-taught the guitar and percussions. In 1978 he formed a rock band “Fushitsusha,” and since 1988, after a recuperation period from 1983 to 1987, he has been internationally active in various forms including solo, groups such as Fushitsusha, Nijiumu, Aihiyo, Vajra, Sanhedrin, Seijaku, Nazoranai or The Hardy Rocks and DJ as “experimental mixture,” as well as collaborations with artists from different backgrounds, drawing the performance of the guitar, percussions, the hurdy gurdy, diverse wind and string instruments, local instruments from across the world and DJ gears to the extreme through unique techniques. He has released more than 200 recordings and performed live at least 1,800 times.