HEAT/WORK is the debut release from ТЕПЛОТА, the London-based duo of Grundik Kasyansky and Tom Wheatley. 

Working in mutual orbit for many years, ТЕПЛОТА formed around a comparison between obsessive learning cycles in acoustic improvisation and heuristic relationships with recursive yet pliant machines. They continue to center on this point via friction, specific technologies and (mis)translation.

The foundation of HEAT/WORK was recorded in late 2019 onto a mangled metal tape, live in Cafe OTO’s Project Space. It was reconstructed/reimagined by ТЕПЛОТА over the first half of 2020, as they focused on dub, redub & overdub as creative agents to play off against one another. The result is a techno of the swamp - the origin of each sound half-obscured in the sludge.

Both тепло[heat] and работа[work] wind their way to 130bpm, but by different means. тепло[heat] finds the duo moving through layered meshes of strings and rhythm-grids, bolstered by intermittent glowing orbs of tone, towards a seemingly piston-powered groove. работа[work] opens to a sparser view, held together with a metamorphic yet relentless tick. Finding its tempo, ТЕПЛОТА engages in a playful interrogation of the four, before releasing it into a postscript flight.


Grundik Kasyansky - feedback synthesizer

Tom Wheatley - double bass


Mixed byТЕПЛОТАand Gosha Hniu

Mastered by Gosha Hniu

Artwork byТЕПЛОТАandOliver Barrett


1.тепло[heat] - 17:52 

2.работа[work] - 13:00

Grundik Kasyansky

Grundik Kasyansky is a Moscow born electronic musician, based in London. He was a founding member of Israeli experimental electronic duo Grundik and Slava. The duo played an important role in the flourishing of the Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem art and music underground in the late 90s-early 00s. He collaborated with many musicians, dancers, painters and filmmakers, and released records through Matchless, Another Timbre, Takuroku, Creative Sources, Cathnor, Earsay, Fact, Auris Media, Stateart, Dromos and Linear Obsessional. He also plays in bands Теплота, Staraya Derevnya and Llull Machines. Before concentrating on electronic music he wrote poetry and it deeply influenced his current practice. Since 2006 he’s been developing a customised setup, which he calls “feedback synthesizer” (a feedback/analog synthesis system).

Tom Wheatley

Tom Wheatley is an artist and musician based in London. His work is patterns, rhythms and cycles, at an interface of physical and digital zones. Recently, his music has been documented on video and record.

His main collaborations are ТЕПЛОТА with Grundik Kasyansky, Cast-On with Ilana Blumberg, and various lineups & outputs with Daniel Blumberg, often including Billy Steiger, Ute Kanngiesser and Jim White.