Cast-On is the collaborative project of Ilana Blumberg and Tom Wheatley. It critically examines fashion and music, collapsing them over each other. This edition features the contributions and support of Alicia Gladston, Rachel Hell, Olivia Norris, Cecile Tulkens, Dawid Laskowksi, Kim Thue, Shaun Crook and Jackson Burton.

Here, Cast-On looks at the photoshoot and background music; how they can intercept & harness the passage of time, these subjects themselves being built from layers of meta-performance.

Shot in an empty OTO, the film is set on the margins of a photoshoot, in a world created by Alicia Gladston, with Ilana Blumberg’s 2021 knitwear collection i-Lana as its genesis. As sets and scenes come and go throughout the space, the piano interrupts and underwrites the opaque dialogue that constructs the magic of the photograph.


Ilana Blumberg - clothes, model, direction

Tom Wheatley - music, model, direction

Alicia Gladston - set design, styling, creative direction

Rachel Hell - camera (still), styling, hair & makeup

Olivia Norris - model

Cecile Tulkens - knitting machine commentary

Dawid Laskowski - camera (video)

Kim Thue - camera (video)

Shaun Crook - recording

Jackson Burton - host