Second release in an on-going series from saxophone and guitar 'duo' Daniel Blumberg and Seymour Wright. Mutated recordings made with heavy distortion and extreme amplification are live processed and manipulated to create a sinister, metallic ricochet. Release includes an ekphrasis by Brady Corbet responding to the music.


Daniel Blumberg / guitar

Seymour Wright / saxophone



1. 23.5.16 - 17:00


Recorded live at Cafe OTO on Monday 23rd May 2016 by Shaun Crook. Mixed and mastered by James Dunn. Ekphrasis by Brady Corbet. Font by Billy Steiger. Etching by GUO. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC   



'Glorious slabs of noise’ - Victor Schonfield

‘Untamed beauty’ - Walton Ford

GUO is the duo of guitarist and singer Daniel Blumberg (Hebronix, The Howling Hex) and saxophonist Seymour Wright. Both use heavy distortion and extreme amplification which is later processed and manipulated with metal cassettes to create a multi-layered, lacquered object of sinister, fizzing, metallic beauty. GUO1 with text by David Toop, was the beginning of an on-going series of releases that include etchings made by the duo and a piece of ekphrasis from a creative writer responding to the music. GUO2 (released on OTOroku) included text from the American filmmaker Brady Corbet.