Charmaine Lee and Zach Rowden – Butterfly Knife

“Butterfly Knife” finds two vital musicians in the contemporary music landscape releasing their first duo album together, despite collaborating in a live context numerous times. Charmaine Lee, based in New York by way of Sydney, is known for her unique and playfully intense work in what she very aptly describes as “vocal expression”, forging erosions within deft personal performance. Decoupling breath, mouth, voice, body, and recording apparatus, she supplements a wide variety of techniques with daringly controlled mic feedback. Zach Rowden, a New Havener, utilizes controlled and unaltered contrabass scrapes, stabs, and squalls to pry into the recording space, conversing and engaging with Lee's honed aural language. Both musicians are capable of crossing over into taught bursts of noise, but on Butterfly Knife, they relish in surfing an intense pre-spillover zone, the two performers communicating in combinations of droning static in addition to weirdly generous bouts of silence.


Recorded and mixed by Ian McColm, New Haven CT, 2019. Mastered by Branic Howard. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC  


1. Cold Cuts I - 13:41
2. Cold Cuts II - 15:58