6501 – Nothing But Eye Travel

6501 is the second band project of Ph (formerly known as Feruh), who founded the legendry Xinjiang rock band Puppet in 1991. The band was formed in 2015 in Ürümqi and is named after the first four digits of identity card numbers of Xinjiang Province. In 2018, 6501 released their debut 'End' on BADHEAD. 

Nothing but Eye Travelis 6501’s second album. Compared with the music of Puppet, the songs of 6501 are evidently more compressed, confrontational, and explosive, which as believed stick closer to the authentic sound of rock. The lyrics are succinct, often sarcastic, and sung in almost a robotic manner.


Ph / guitar, bass, vocal 

Zhai Xiaoming / guitar, bass, vocal  

Faruk / drums


BADHEAD (B-062). December 2019. All Music & lyrics: Ph

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. Surrealist Painter (超现实主义画家)
2. I Do Not Accept This (我不接受)
3. Nothing But Eye Travel (我们的眼睛去过世界各地)
4. Scheming (算计)
5. Got Me On My Nerves (烦死了)
6. The Wolves of Chernobyl (切尔诺贝利的狼群)
7. Unknown Number (陌生人)
8. Thumb-Up (赞)
9. Possession (占有)
10. The Glacier (冰川)