Sunday 19 December 2021, 8pm

Yama Warashi + Dorcha + An Alien Called Harmony + Vanishing Twin DJs ( Cathy Lucas, Valentina Magaletti and Phill FMU )

No Longer Available

We're sorry to announce that we've had to postpone this show due to covid-related issues. We're just trying to confirm a new date for early next year and we'll let all ticketholders know as soon as that's sorted but if you'd like a refund in the meantime just let us know.

Yama Warashi is the vision of Yoshino Shigihara, a Japanese musician and artist whose past projects include cult favourites Zun Zun Egui (Bella Union), of which she was a co-founder. Inspired by Japanese folk dance, free jazz and tribal African music, and heavily saturated in psychedelia, Yama Warashi’s songs are lyrically outlandish and charming, melodically addictive and mythical; the band name translates from Yoshino's native tongue as “small childlike mountain spirit”. Having made herself at home in the thriving Bristol scene, in 2019 Yoshino moved to London, in search of new inspiration. She became a resident at the Total Refreshment Centre and a member of the Haha Sounds Collective Choir. Yama Warashi will perform as a four-piece.

Yama Warashi

Photo by Adam Isfendiyar
Make up by Crystabel Riley


Birmingham’s beloved left-field luminaars Dorcha are a genre-fluid, dynamic, versatile group with a refusenik attitude. Their music transports listeners to a pool of shifting, psychedelic experimental song-writing.

The fusing of Dorcha’s own unique concoction of pop-noise with the offerings of the infamous Invada Studios and its delicious collection of old school synths and analogue effects has born a beast of sound in the shape of the new album - Honey Badger - out now on Box Records (digital & vinyl). Not only this, the band have embarked on a multi-dimensional collaboration with a host of visual artists to curate a feature-length film version of the album.

Photo by Sam Wood

An Alien Called Harmony

Rising stars An Alien Called Harmony are a duo based in South London. MettaShiba and Nadeem Din-Gabisi also bring family connections and life experience from Japan, the West Coast of the USA, Sierra Leone and from London’s rich and broad afro-diasporic communities.

"This project is a vehicle to push an outlier otherworldliness to the fore" - Nadeem Din-Gabisi
“We tend to talk about problems in terms of overall harmony and disharmony...less so what’s good and bad. We see harmony as aspirational and AACH songs are asking questions and sharing insights in line with this, but often in a playful way and from a slightly extraterrestrial perspective.”- MettaShiba