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Sunday 19 August 2018, 7.30pm

Trestle Records Presents: One Day Band Live Charles Hayward / Chris Sharkey / Jack Wyllie + Max Hallett / Tom Herbert / Pete Bennie / Bex Burch

No Longer Available

The One Day Band sessions are an ongoing programme of recorded improvisations hosted by Trestle Records. This will be the first time that the session has left the studio to be recorded live in front of an audience. The idea is to facilitate an environment for musicians to meet and collaborate with one another on a record made in a day. Often the musicians are meeting for the first time in the studio itself whilst other times we ask an artist to curate the participants. This often results with people inviting musicians or friends they have wanted to work with but haven't yet had the opportunity / reason.

We assist in the setting up, engineering and recording on the day and then the musicians involved are sent the mixed edits of the recordings to comment upon before we eventually master them and post them on line. The results are then hosted on the trestle records website to be listened to in a developing archive reflecting and celebrating the concept.

The eclectic participants to date include Charles Hayward. Seb Rochford, Evelyn Glennie, Terry Edwards, Simon Fisher Turner, Mark Wastell, Leafcutter John,  David Coulter, John Thorne, Stewart Lee, Blood Sport, Francine Perry, Land Observations, Roly Porter, Kuljit Bhamra, Beanie Bhebhe.

These recordings are owned equally by the artists who make them. We provide the studio, engineer, mix and master the session for it then to exist on www.trestlerec.com to be heard for free 

This is purely an environment for experimentation and improvisation with the results available to whoever may be interested.

Charles Hayward [This Is Not This Heat] Drums 
Chris Sharkey [The Orchid And The Wasp] Guitar, Ableton 
Jack Wyllie [Portico Quartet] Saxophone

Pete Bennie [Tout] Double Bass / Electric Bass
Bex Burch
 [Vula Viel] Gyilli Xylophone
Max Hallett [The Comet Is Coming, Soccer 96] Drums
Tom Herbert [The Invisible, Polar Bear] Double Bass / Electric Bass

Charles Hayward

Charles Hayward is an English drummer/singer/composer and was a founding member of the experimental rock groups This Heat and Camberwell Now. He also played with early European improv group Mal Dean's Amazing Band and gigged and recorded with Phil Manzanera in Quiet Sun as well as a short stint with Gong. Since the late 80's he has concentrated on solo projects and collaborations, including Massacre (with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith), Monkey Puzzle Trio and Albert Newton (with Pat Thomas and John Edwards). The project This Is Not This Heat has recently completed a 3 year series of performances in UK, Europe, US and Japan.

Throughout a nearly 50 year career Charles has developed idiosyncratic attitudes and insights into a wide range of soundwork, spanning improvisation, song, sound as sound, using order and chaos as creative energies. He curates a six monthly series of performances, workshops and installation called Charles Hayward Presents on behalf of Lewisham Arthouse for Albany Theatre. Recent releases include ‘Objects of Desire’ cassette on Blank Editions and the piano centred song cycle ‘Begin Anywhere’ on Klanggalerie & God Unknown Records.

“As impassioned and animated offstage as behind his massive drumkit, Charles Hayward radiates a genuine intensity. He first came to wide attention as drummer with the highly influential This Heat as the embers of Post-Punk simmered off into wilder experimental tangents. He has released a dozen solo and colaborative albums, and puts on rare solo live shows which pull the raw muscular percussion at the heart of Rock into new shapes with devastatingly powerful results.” – Freq

"Telepathic magic……. Hayward is one of the most life-affirming people who stalks this dark globe." - SOUND PROJECTOR

Chris Sharkey

Chris Sharkey is a dynamic and inovative composer and musician focusing on expanded guitar. He is also an inspired educator and a founding member of the Leeds Improvised Music Association (LIMA). Sharkey plays, composes and arranges music for several groundbreaking UK groups including trioVD, Acoustic Ladyland, World Sanguine Report and Bilbao Syndrome

''Sharkey is at the cutting edge of contemporary improv fusion guitar technique, colliding headlong free jazz phrasing with roaring thrash metal riffs and ghostly electronics'' John Fordham, The Guardian 

''....Astonishing technique that produces a vast array of otherworldly sounds from his battered looking Fender Strat, creating a torrent of angular flurries, gut wrenching heavy, chugging, riffs and spaced out looping. He's one of the most exciting guitarists on the UK scene''. Jazzwise Magazine 

Jack Wyllie

Jack Wyllie is a Multi instrumentalist and composer. He has released on labels such as Babel, Realworld, Ninja Tune and Buffalo Temple. He is member of Portico Quartet and Szun waves as well having released several EP’s of improvisations with Luke abbott and Adrian Corker. Jack plays a heavily effected saxophone using guitar pedals to add atmospheric washes of delay and reverb. Portico Quartet have always been an impossible band to pin down. Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group have created their own singular sound. They have been nominated for the mercury music prize as well as topping several end of year lists in the likes of time out and crack magazine. Szun waves is a partly generative improvised trio with Luke abbott and Lawrence Pike, they have their second album out on leaf later this year.

Max Hallett

Max Hallett is best known for drumming in the trio The Comet Is Coming alongside bandmates Shabaka Hutchings on saxophone and keyboardist Dan Leavers, who he also has a drum and synth duo with called Soccer 96.
Soccer96 play everything completely live, with no laptops, sequencers or software of any kind. They create brutal, frenetic energy, Tron-like soundscapes and super-fresh polyrhythms. "Distilled reduction meets epic intent."

Tom Herbert

Tom Herbert is a bass player in Mercury Music Prize nominated bands The Invisible and Polar Bear, as well as vocal/double bass duo Moats & Thrones. He was also was a founding member of the British jazz-punk band Acoustic Ladyland. The Invisible have released three albums and are currently signed to Ninja Tune. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2009, produced by innovative electronic musician Matthew Herbert, it was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and was the 'iTunes Critics Choice Album Of The Year'. Their third album 'Patience' was released in June 2016 to critical acclaim, including a five-star review in The Guardian. Tom is also currently on the teaching staff at The Royal Academy of Music.

Pete Bennie

Pete Bennie is a bass player known for Tout and the London based post jazz outfit Morviscous. Peter studied music at Goldsmiths university and has gone on to work with numerous bands. He is currently developing a solo instrumental project that will be released via Trestle Records later in the year.

Bex Burch

Bex Burch is the band leader of Vula Viel. A trio consisting of Ruth Goller on bass and Jim Hart on drums. She is a percussionist with a classical training at the Guildhall School of Music. Bex focuses her compositional output to the Gyilli Xylophone, an instrument she built herself under the tutelage of Ghanaian instrument makers. First visiting Ghana as an undergraduate, on the recommendation of a Ghanaian friend, she settled in the north, with the Dagaare People to begin an apprenticeship with Thomas Segkura, a professional maker of Dagaare xylophones, or Gyilli. Vula Viel have developed a strong following over the last few years, gigging regularly and releasing a well received LP in 2017 titled Good Is Good. They are currently finishing work on a new record.

''Beautiful... Dance to it, make love to it, consume it, stare at the clouds to it ....that music deserves good reactions'' Iggy Pop, 6 Music