Saturday 25 March 2023, 8pm

The End – Day Two: THE END with BLZB + BLZB (Pat Thomas / Roger Turner / Mats Gustafsson)(Mats Gustafsson / Sofia Jernberg / Kjetil Møster / Anders Hana / Børge Fjordheim)

No Longer Available

Sofia Jernberg / voice
Kjetil Møster / tenor sax, clarinet and electronics
Mats Gustafsson / baritone sax, flute and live electronics
Anders Hana / baritone guitar and langeleik
Børge Fjordheim / drums

The members of the group has experience from work in a huge variety of creative music ensembles over the past years: Cloroform , Møster, The Thing, Fire! & Fire! Orchestra, Ultralyd, MoHa, Paavo, Datarock, The Core, Noxact, NU- ensemble, Brutal Blues and many other essential groups within the contemporary creative music scene of today.

THE END is an attempt to use all of those experiences and melt it together into something new and creative. Something of deeper poetic beauty and harsh brutality. Industrial Grindcore Free Jazz MEETS Sing & noise Hardcore Folk music Esthetics!

THE END means the sensational return of Anders Hana on guitar! After years of playing only intense Grindcore drums, he is now back playing the guitar!

THE END means the first serious meet of the two Scandinavian innovative saxophone free blowers Møster and Gustafsson in a co – led unit!

THE END means the presentation of the extreme voice of Sofia Jernberg in a totally new context surrounded by extreme electronics and drum- activites!

THE END means a totally new group of legendary Cloroform drummer Børge Fjordheim!


Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas studied classical piano from aged 8 and started playing Jazz from the age of 16. He has since gone on to develop an utterly unique style - embracing improvisation, jazz and new music. He has played with Derek Bailey in Company Week (1990/91) and in the trio AND (with Noble) – with Tony Oxley’s Quartet and Celebration Orchestra and in Duo with Lol Coxhill. 

"Sartorially shabby as Thomas may be, and on first impression even rather stolid, he has a somewhat imperious charisma that’s immediately amplified when he starts to play. Unlike other pianists whose virtuosity seems to be racing ahead of their thought processes Thomas always seems supremely in command of his gift, and his playing, no matter how free and ready to tangle with abstraction, always carries a charge of authoritative exactitude." - The Jazzmann 

Roger Turner

Over decades Roger Turner has brought the renowned volcanic power and finely-honed precision of his drum work to ensembles that have forged substantial connections with musicians both sides of the Atlantic and more recently from Japan. In addition to pioneering an acoustic percussive language that can run in tandem with approaches to contemporary electronic instruments, he has worked extensively in the microscopic laboratory of the acoustic duo situation where he acquired a highly developed sense of detail and of dynamic control. One of that select group of world-class players who have collectively redefined the language of contemporary percussion, in Turner's hands minute inflections of tension can shape the group's musical direction and galvanise a new level of audience experience.