Thursday 13 January 2022, 8pm

Thanet Tape Centre Presents: Super Off-Peak Return – w/ Arianne Churchman + Rebecca Lennon + Jem Finer + Plastique Fantastique

No Longer Available

Thanet Tape Centre Presents
Super Off-Peak Return

with Performances by:
- Arianne Churchman
- Rebecca Lennon
- Jem Finer ( Launch of Hrdy Grdy on Thanet Tape Centre )
- Plastique Fantastique

Thanet Tape Centre is a collaborative project initiated by Benedict Drew

Jem Finer

Jem Finer is an artist, musician and composer. Since studying computer science in the 1970s, he has worked in a variety of fields, including photography, film, experimental and popular music and installation. His 1000 year long musical composition, Longplayer, represents a convergence of many of his concerns, particularly those relating to systems, sustainability, long-durational processes and extremes of scale in both time and space.

Recent music includes the release crowpop. hrdy grdy, an album of hurdy gurdy and minimal electronics, will be released by Thanet Tape Centre on 13th January 2022.

He is currently working on a number of new projects and collaborations.

Rebecca Lennon

An artist based in London, Rebecca Lennon works across media including video, text, performance, sound and music to think about and play with the non-linear shapes and rhythms of the voice, memory and the speaking body. Exhibiting internationally, across contemporary art and experimental music platforms, radio and recently, publishing, Rebecca graduated from the Slade School of Art London MFA in 2010, and is a regular visiting lecturer at universities such as Arts University Bournemouth and Royal College of Art. Recent / upcoming group exhibitions and performances include: Kaunas Film Festival, Lithuania, 2020, Kunstraum, London 2019, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, 2021, Cafe Oto, London, 2022, Galeria Duarte Sequiera, Braga, Portugal, 2021 with solo shows at Southwark Park Galleries, London 2021, Primary, Nottingham, 2020, Almanac, Turin, Italy, 2019 and Matts Gallery, London, 2018. Rebecca featured in ‘On Care, an anthology of artists writing published by MA Bibliotheque in 2020, BBC Late Junction 2019/2020 and on a collection of artist interpretations of scores by writer and artist Salomé Voegelin released on vinyl in 2022.

Arianne Churchman

Arianne Churchman is an artist from Suffolk, East Anglia. Her practice concerns British Folklore and traverses performance, film, sound, fabric works and objects. Recently she has been developing a Dream Horse Cult, whereby Suffolk Horselore is reimagined into strange new feminist collective histories and new psychedelic dreamscapes. She holds an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art and a BA from the University of Reading. She has exhibited internationally and has had solo presentations at Xero, Kline and Coma, London; Nottingham Castle, Nottingham; and Metal; Peterborough.

Plastique Fantastique

Plastique Fantastique, a collaboration between David Burrows, Simon O’Sullivan, Alex Marzeta and Vanessa Page (sometimes with others, including Harriet Skully, Ana Benlloch, Stuart Tait, Mark Jackson, Benedict Drew, Frankie Roberts, Tom Clark, Simon Davenport, Joe Murray, Lawrence Leaman, Samudradaka and Aryapala), is a mythopoetic fiction - an investigation of aesthetics, the sacred, popular culture and politics - produced through comics, performances, text, installations and shrines and assemblages.