Jem Finer

Jem Finer

Jem Finer is an artist, musician and composer. Since studying computer science in the 1970s, he has worked in a variety of fields, including photography, film, experimental and popular music and installation. His 1000 year long musical composition, Longplayer, represents a convergence of many of his concerns, particularly those relating to systems, sustainability, long-durational processes and extremes of scale in both time and space.

Recent music includes the release crowpop. hrdy grdy, an album of hurdy gurdy and minimal electronics, will be released by Thanet Tape Centre on 13th January 2022.

He is currently working on a number of new projects and collaborations.

Forthcoming events

Sunday 21 August 2022

Super Off-Peak Return – w/ Arianne Churchman + Bredbeddle + Jem Finer + Plastique Fantastique

£10 £8 Advance £5 MEMBERS